Open University – english version

Open University – What is that?

As part of a countrywide initiative, the access to higher education for Refugees will now be facilitated in Lower-Saxony. They will be exempted from fees. This is the first step to open society for Refugees, to whom access to society and social life is often denied by law. Refugees will be able to study at Leibniz-University in Hannover (LUH); and therefore able to intensify social life and meet new people – friends, in everyday life. Off Course this is also a chance, to build up or strengthen education.

What’s happening next?

In a first step Refugees are allowed to enroll as guest-students at the LUH, without paying tuition fees. Studying as guest students is basically open to all people – regardless of language skills, qualifications or other restrictions. Who decides to pick up a regular enrollment at university during his*her* guest-lectures, will be able to do so in future.

For Refugees with non-German/non-European university-entrance-qualification, a previous (not finished) academic training or even previous academic-degrees in other countries, the opportunity to resume studying will be made possible.

We – as well as the officials – are aware of the fact, that in many cases, people who fled are not able to submit the normally necessary documents to start, continue or complete regular studies in Germany. But a solution is planned: There will be the possibility to attend a written exam at the “Studienkolleg” in order to graduate. The exam will be held in English or at least in German. The exam is charged by an amount of 30,- Euros. Depending on the outcome of the test, the prospective students will be able to enrol at the LUH, possibly also in a higher semester. Achievements, made in the past – under the requirements of different educational systems – can be claimed then.

What can I do?

In cooperation with various structures, groups and individuals, we, as a student union of the LUH, want the Refugees to experience their entry to university as easy and enjoyable as possible. They shall be initially involved in the coming winter-semester: the welcoming-ceremonies and orientation-weeks.

If you want to study at the LUH, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be available for any requests and will do our best to inform and advise you. Please watch out for our upcoming FAQ-compilation.

In addition, we would like to provide a communication platform, to bring people into contact: For example, we are looking for people who would like to commit his*her*self to support Refugees and have the desire to accompany our new fellow students* during their start at university, but in their daily lives, too – become a Study-Buddy!

We are also planning to offer additional self-organized German courses for the upcoming semester. We are still looking for motivated people who would like participate in and/or guide such courses.

We see on the enforced central placement of Escaped in camps as inhuman and wrong. Therefore, we are also looking for people/students* who can offer and/or are looking for living space: People who search for – or are willing to offer – a room, a bed or a couch in their living-community, should not hesitate to get in touch with us, as soon as possible.

Who wants to get involved, please get in touch over the „Contribute!“-form.

This page will be promptly published in several languages. Moreover, followed by further details and the latest news. Stay tuned!